About Us

About Spoco


Sport School Chandargi is a boy’s residential school that offers modern facilities of the highest order. Providing education and sports in a holistic manner at the same time ensuring excellence in all its aspects is the hallmark of Sport School Chandargi. The School is turning out to be a catalyst for change in the educational sector.

Sport School Chandargi has emerged as one of the top schools in India drawing students not only from within the state but also from other state. Currently, the school has over 700 students from 5th standard to Class XII with a large campus offering world class infrastructural facilities. The syllabus is drawn from the best curricula around the world. Sport School Chandargi follows the State syllabus. Students are also offered pre-University courses.


There are separate Academic and Administrative Blocks. Academic block includes spacious classrooms.

Computer Lab

The computer Lab is equipped with modern computers. Computer Science form part of the Syllabus.

Mission, Vision, Aims & Objectives

  • To strive to impart education that caters to needs of persent generation for better life.
  • To provide every possible opportunity to each individual for intellectual, physical and cultural growth.
  • To equip them with essential knowledge and ability in the field of science and technology to enable them to face challenge in their career.
  • To make them realize the importance of time, love for work and bear affinity for all.
  • To recognize every individual’s innate ability and to channel it towards perfection.
  • To educate the community in such a ways that at least a handful of them emerge as special people in top spheres of life constantly.
  • To keep on such an atmosphere that will enlighten and inspire students that helps them reach their destiny.
  • To help them excel in academic, sports and cultural fields.
  • To motivate students to love the nation and pledge to do something for the cause.
  • To prepare health and vigorous boys who with proper training would blossom in to National and International Sportsmen of repute.
  • To see that students should be equally good in academics.
  • To provide an ideal environment in which students grow to become responsible citizens with healthy minds, character building, moral values and discipline should be engrained in terms at their impressionable early age.
  • To encourage Sports and Sports minded.
  • To organize Sports activities and recognizing talented Sportsmen.
  • To provide all possible facilities to the promising sportsmen.
  • Open Sports schools, colleges and to provide good hostel facility.

We believe that successful learners are confident, self disciplined, independent and trustworthy individuals. Pupils are taught ‘The Golden Rules’ of good behaviour to nurture an aptitude for effective individual study and to develop the skills of good citizenship within our school community. A range of teaching strategies is employed to optimise effective teaching and learning of pupils at every age level. We carefully plan to deliver a differentiated curriculum, broad and balanced in content to meet the needs of pupils of differing abilities.